London's East End: 1940's - 1970's

East End of London from 1940's to 1970's

London 1940's: the Luftwaffe is pounding the East End, reducing whole districts to rubble. People shelter in the underground as their streets are destroyed. The East End is stronger than the enemy, and emerges victorious into a new world. But within thirty years, the old East end will vanish. The roads fill with traffic, the terraced housing is replaced by tower blocks and the docks are closed.

Using rarely unseen archive film, this documentary captures the final years of the old East End

London's Railways 1920's to 1970's

In the 1900's London's transport system relied on steam, within 60 years most of these locomatives had vanished as the capital switched to electric and diesel power.

Journey back to a time when London played host to the silver Jubilee and the Devon Belle, and when the Coronation Scot was the latest in steam power.

Highlights include -

A demonstration of a railcar in 1935

The underground GPO mail train

The trial of BR's Roadrailer in 1960

Narrated by Ross Cook

London's Railways In The 1960's

In the 1960's Londons Railway network was radically changed as British Railways carried out its modernisation programme.

The British Transport Films unit and the TV news captured this cahnging scene, but much of the footage was never released.

Now for the first time the unseen BFT archive has been compiled to tell the story of London's railways in fabulous colour including -

Southern steam at Waterloo.

All the major London stations

The Blue Pullman and early diesels

The Golden Arrow and night ferry service

Goods & Mail

Steam on the Metropolitan Railway

Building the Victoria Line

Memories Of Hertfordshire: Part 1

Hertfordshire the first generation to be captured on film

Hertfordshire 1916, the first generation to be captured on film will see the county grow in previously unimaginable ways.
New towns will emerge, monarchs will come and go but tradition holds fast.

From the First World War to the late 1940's re-live a bygone Hertfordshire including:

St Albans in the 1920's
Country Fairs at Stevenage and Buntingford
1935 Jubilee celebrations at Elstree.
Royston and Ashwell in the 1930's
1941 Hitchin warship weel parade


Memories of Hertfordshire: Part 2

Hertfordshire after the Second World War

Hertfordshire, 1946: the Second World War is Over, the fighting men return to witness how the 1950's and 1960's will transform the county beyond all recognition.

From the Festival of Britain to the age of the Beatles, step back in time to post-war Hertfordshire including:

Coronation celebrations in Royston
George Bernard Shaw meets Danny Kaye in Ayot St Lawrence
Buntingford branch line in colour
Ashwell, Letchworth, Hatfield, Hemel Mempstead and Welwyn Garden City in the 1950's
Wheathampstead in the 1960'd

Memories Of The Essex Coast

A look back at the Essex Coast

From Harwich to Brightlingsea and Mersea Island to Southend, take a journey back in time to see how life has changed for the people who live on the Essex coast.

Reminisce about days when locals made their livelihoods from the sea and thousands of tourists flocked to seaside resorts.

See rare and fascinating footage including - The surrender of German U Boats at harwich in 1918, Cockle picking in Leigh On Sea, Horse Riding on Frinton Beach, Butlins Holiday Camp in Clacton 1939, School days in 1950's Walton On The Naze.

Never Had It So Good

More of London in the Fifties

With the war years a more distant memory, Harold Macmillan coins his famous "never had it so good" phrase.

As rationing comes to an end, the country enjoys stable, full employment and a well performing economy, however that period of calm does not last for long as the end of the decade sees the advent of the teenager and the new phenomenon that is rock and roll.

Told through the eyes of the nations capital this engaging film takes you through a time of amazing change for Britain

Previously released as London In The Fifties Part 2

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Norfolk Coast

Norfolk Coast in the 1920's

The Norfolk Coast, 1920, the herring fleet is out at sea, Steam trains bring crowds of tourists to the beaches.

Wild and remote the sea has provided a way of life to those who live and work beside it.

Discover the story of life on the Coast as it used to be from fishermen and tales of ghosts and poaching and floods.

Using film from the East Anglian Film Archive, this production features Sheringham, Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn.

Norfolk Past

Norfolk from 1900's to 1960's

Norfolk 1903 there are horses, trams and gas lamps. People work on the farms, the toilet is a bucket and there is no central heating or running water. Within half a century, Norfolk will be changed beyond recognition, step back in time and discover how people in Norfolk lived and worked from the 1900's to the 1960's.

With rare film from the East Anglian Film Archive see the past come to life including Kings Lynn, Norwich, Thetford, Great Yarmouth and many more.

Norwich Before The War

Norwich 1902 to 1939
Norwich 1902, trams and carts rattle through the streets. Over the coming decades , the city will witness the arrival of the motor car, flight and the upheavals of the 20th century. Discover how people lived in pre-war Norwich, including an Edwardian tram ride through the city, shopping at Bonds in the 1920's, cinema adverts for ladies fashion, Colman's factory in the 1930's, Royal visits, football and floods, Boulton & Paul aircraft and Norwich Cathedral and the cattle market.

Norwich In The Fifties

Norwich in the 50's
Norwich 1950 there are bombsites, rationing, shops on every corner, red telephone boxes and Austin Sevens, the cattle market is still held at the Castle and the ring road does not exist. Take a journey back in time and discover the story of the decade that changed Norwich forever. Using rare film from the East Anglian Film Archive, highlights include, The Festival Of Britain, The Coronation, Norwich City in the semi finals of the FA Cup and a car journey through the streets

Norwich In The Sixties Part 1

Norwich in the swinging Sixties

Norwich in the 1960's, local television has arrived, new buildings are being constructed and demolition ball is busy, By the middle of the decade, steam trains have gone and the Corn Hall is closed. Roads are being widened to accommodate Hillman Imps and Ford Anglia's.

Journey back in time and see Norwich as it used to be including a car ride through the city streets, Norwich City in the 1963 FA Cup and the first days of the University of East Anglia.

Norwich In The Sixties Part 2

More of Norwich in the swinging Sixties

The modernisation of Norwich continues, affecting everything from street lamps to the Theatre Royal. The port is still thriving, the shoe industry is busy and Hosham St Faith becomes the new airport.

From Panda cars to bus strikes, see Norwich as it used to be, including Billy Graham visiting the Regent Cinema, the Queen opening the new County Hall, a day in the life of Norwich, Shopping at Curls Department Store and the demolition of Magdalen Street

Oversexed, Overpaid and Over Here: The American Airmen In Britain

American Airmen in East Anglia

It is 1942, The UK has survived the blitz and has won the Battle Of Britain, the tide of the war could be about to change. It is at this point that the first American airmen arrive to help take the war to Hitler in Europe.

Using many now forgotten airfields, these visitors from across the Atlantic brought not just their bravery but many cultural changes with them.

This endearing film brings the sense of excitement that came with these young men and remembers the ultimate sacrifice that many of them made.

Previously released as GI Airmen in East Anglia

Rags and Riches: Life in the 1930's Part 1

London in the 1930's

The world is in grip of the General Depression but in amongst all the misery of unemployment and economic hardship is a shining light. London is booming with a boost in house building which doubles the size of the city, creating the metropolis we know today.

It almost becomes a nation within a nation.

Using rare archive footage this film tells the story of how this happened against the backdrop of a turbulent and fascinating decade.

Previously released as London in the 1930's Part 1

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Railway To Nowhere

Story of the Mid Suffolk Light Railway

In 1896 two men planned an ambitious railway network to alleviate agricultural poverty.

But the scheme went bankrupt and the line terminated in a field.

Rare footage of the MSLR's lst day, archive film from WW2 and dramatic reconstruction skilfully combine to tell the story of the railway that carried everything from sugar beet to bombs.

Based on original historic research and featuring interviews with those who travelled on the "Middy£ this documentary is a delight nostalic journey through half of rural history.

Railways Past: A Journey Through Time

Railways of East Anglia

East Anglia was once criss crossed by railways, most villages had a station, and trains carried everything from farm labourers to fruit.

By the 1960's many of these lines had vanished.

From the days of steam through to diesels and electric locomotives, this film includes -

M&GN Railway and North Norfolk line, London to Scotland Express, LNER & Flying Scotsman, Southwold and Mid Suffolk railways, King's Lynn to Hunstanton.

Previously Released As Railways Of East Anglia

Narrated by Dick Glover

Southend Past

Southend from the 1900's to 1960's
Take a journey back in time to visit Southend On Sea as it used to be, From German air raids to holidays on the beach, see the bygone years come back to life, including the visit of the Royal Navy in 1909, scenes of town life from the 1900's to the 1960's, holidays by the pier, Ecko electronics factory and Southend Airport in the 1960's

Suffolk Past

Suffolk from 1913 to 1960's

Suffolk 1913, most people work on farms, the school is in the village and the toilet is a bucket.

Within sixty years the county will change beyond recognition.

Step back in time and discover how people in Suffolk lived and worked from 1913 to the 1960's.

With rare film from the East Anglian Film Archive, see the past come to life, including Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Lavenham, Southwold and many more.

Narrated by Louise Lawrence

Tales Of The Supernatural

Haunted East Anglia

Whether you believe in them or not there is no doubt that tales of ghosts, strange happenings and things that go bump in the night are stories that we love to hear.

This spooky film includes eye witness accounts of the girl who communicates with the dead, a phantom figure captured in a photograph and the unexplained story of the church bell that rings itself.

Prepare to be chilled and disturbed as you venture into a world of haunted police stations and ghosts of Cambridge Colleges.

Previously released as Ghosts Of East Anglia